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9 Summer Improvements

When Summer finally hits, many of us get inspired to get up, get busy, and get our house in order. Here are nine improvements to get your house Summer ready. Thanks for the suggestions!

  1. Buy plants you can keep alive. Plants help with curb appeal and also perk up any room in your home. Start with something easy. Ask your local gardener for suggestions.

  2. Get your grill in shape. Is there anything better than a burger straight from the grill? Make sure your grill is ready to go--clean it, get the necessary supplies, and invite your friends over.

  3. Repair or replace your outdoor furniture. There are lots of great options for outdoor seating--local shops, national chains and even sources in the internet. New outdoor pillows help freshen up any seating you already own.

  4. Lighten up. Candles, twinkle lights, or string bulbs all add a beautiful ambience to your outdoor living.

  5. Don't Bug out. Check your screens, find those citronella candles, and keep the bugs at bay.

  6. Get your AC serviced. Most HVAC service providers offer yearly maintenance contracts. Two annual checks---one if Fall and one in Summer help your system stay worry free.

  7. Check your installation. Proper insulation keeps your AC bill (as well as your heating bill) in check.

  8. Check your garden hose and sprinklers. Hot temperatures can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Make sure you are ready to water.

  9. Service your yard tools. Give you lawnmower, spade, and other garden tools a look. Do any need a repair or replacement? Do it now.

That's it. Just nine simple things can help make summertime living, easy.

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