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Picture Yourself Here: Opens June 25 & 26th

Shoebox. A word often used to describe a small home. It carries a bit of a negative connotation; but does it have to?

Some relish in a cozy space and some people want more room to spread out. Some people really "live" in their neighborhood and city and do not need massive square footage while others like to entertain in their home and thus want more space. Organization, small furniture choices and a eye for editing can make a great, spacious place out of much less than 1,000 sq ft.

Take away: one person's shoebox is another person's jewel box.

Check out the jewel boxes of a all sizes in this week's open house pics. I'll be at the Historic Beau Arts Beauty on Sunday--check out more information on this great condo here.

Review The New York Times Interactive Buy vs. Rent tool to see how your rent payment stacks up again a mortgage payment. Typically, in the long run, it is less expensive to buy.

Historical Beau-Arts Beauty: $325,000.


Totes Adorbes on 16th: $389,340.


Renovation Remastered: $874,900.


Sexy High Rise: $1,295,000.


Cleveland Park Cape Cod: $995,000.

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