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Picture Yourself Here: Opens July 23rd & 24th

Getting your house ready to go on the market requires a vision of identifying how your house will show best to potential buyers. Here are four simple and cost effective improvements you can make that will have a major impact.

1. Add some trees/plants: Want to add some curb appeal to your home and feel better when you’re pulling into the driveway after work? Or walking out onto that backyard patio? You won’t believe the difference greenery can make. And compared to the cost (mature trees starts at around $1,000), they provide a great return on investment for you property value and can lower energy bills by providing shade. The Georgetown Garden and the Castle in the City below are wonderful examples of this improvement.

2. Add molding: Molding instantly adds a classic, sophisticated touch to any room, and if you do it yourself, it can cost less than $2 per foot. Buyers consistently say that molding is a big plus. The Cambridge Place home shows you how interior molding adds that simple touch.

3. Energy efficient appliances: Still using the appliances that came with the home? Upgrading your range, fridge, or dishwasher will do more than give your kitchen a sleeker appearance. Newer, more energy-efficient appliances will also lower your utility bills.

4. Invest in storage: One of the biggest ways to improve your home is to declutter. Throw out what you don’t need, and invest is some good storage solutions for what you keep. While there is a lot of furniture, including a piano, in the West End Modernism, it looks sleek and open because of its lack of extra clutter.

I'd love to show you any of these beautiful options or do a custom search for your dream home. Please call or email me at any time.

Georgetown Garden: $1,740,000.


Classic Cambridge Place: $1,650,000.


Castle in the City: $3,750,000.


West End Modernism: $1,024,900.


Custom Craftsman: $2,350,000.


Pre-war Designer's Palette: $750,000.

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