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Picture Yourself Here: Opens July 30th & 31st

The decision to buy is an exciting one. Moving into and decorating a new home generates energy, creative, and plenty of excitement as you get settled and share the news with friends and family. As you prepare to purchase, keep these four things in mind.

  • Save some of your savings: It can be tempting to throw all of the cash you have into your down payment so that you have a lower monthly payment, but hold some back. Even buying new construction there are things you will want to do to make your new house your home. Whether you want to paint or buy new furniture, make sure to keep some savings to customize your new home.

  • Know how much you should, not could, borrow: Banks will often offer a larger loan that you can comfortably afford. While you may be able to pay the mortgage, it may really squeeze your budget. In a new home, and a new neighborhood you will want to live and explore. A good rule of thumb is to only take 80% of what’s offered to you. That will give you more flexibility to enjoy your new surroundings.

  • Fall in love with more than the house: If you are thinking of moving into an area or neighborhood you’ve not lived in before, spend some quality time visiting before purchasing. Eat at the restaurants, tour the shops and grocery stores, and make sure you love the look and feel of the area.

  • Have a game plan for the future: An ARM with a low introductory rate and mortgage payment can be attractive. It is easy to think, “I’ll sell within 5 years.” Life can throw you some surprises; so make sure you are prepared for the jump in your payment if you need to stay in the house a little longer.

With those four points in mind, take a look at some of the more interesting properties to see this weekend. I'll be at Terrific on T St on Sunday from 2-4pm. Let me know which ones, or others, you'd like to tour privately.

White Picket Perfection: $3,150,000


Terrific on T St: $1,199,000


Nestled in the Trees: $1,750,000


Exuding Elegance: $1,500,000


Kalorama Place Patio Perfect: $539,000

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