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Picture Yourself Here: Opens March 11th & 12th

This weekend, let's start with a little oasis. The one we are all craving come March. While you might not want to sit outside today, this private patio is a wonderful addition to this charming Georgetown home.

Private Oasis. 1 Bedroom/1 Bath/1 Private Patio. $879,000


Whether you love mid-century modern or not, you have to admit this place has style. From the focal-point fireplace, to the huge windows, to the duct work smartly painted black, even shabby chic would work in this space. Seriously, stop and think about that.

Mod Living. 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths. $799,000


Arches. I just love them. They are like a fabulous frame into the next room of your home. If you've got to have walls, arches make them special. And a kitchen with a tiny table is just so charming. So is that piece of art.

Charming Charly. 1 Bedroom/1 Bath. $369,000


I was just discussing with a buyer and her mom the lack of entry spaces in DC condos and homes. Well, this one stopped me in my tracks. Yes, that's the entry, not the petite living room.

Enter Here. 2 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths. $799,000


Let's eat. A bit country, a bit modern. Something about this one just said, oh cute, nice, let's put a big spread of charcuterie on that table and invite the neighbors!

3 Bedrooms/ 2.5 Baths. $699,900

Want a private tour or other recommendations, call me!

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