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Seven Tips for Putting Winter in its Place

This year, Winter lingered a little longer than most of us would have liked. Now that Spring is here to stay, it is time to put away those sweaters, boots, and heavy coats to make room for linen, seersucker, and sandals.

Here are 7 tips to help with your storage process.

  1. Clean everything first. It takes a bit of time, but moths and other insects are attracted to scents that are even undetectable to you and me.

  2. Remove all plastic bags. Seems counterintuitive, but the plastic bags trap moisture. Your clothes need to breathe.

  3. Pack delicates separately. Wrap in acid-free tissue and store in 100% cotton-canvas storage boxes.

  4. Resist the urge to hang sweaters. Hanging can change their shape dramatically. Instead, fold and place in cotton-canvas boxes or plastic storage bins. Don't fill the bins completely so your sweaters can breathe.

  5. And coats. Yes, coats also fare better if cleaned first, buttons, snaps,and zippers are closed-up, pockets are emptied, and they are stored flat.

  6. Invest in boot trees. Invest in boot forms and keep them standing upright if possible. If not, lay them flat with forms in place to help the taller styles keep their shape.

  7. Pack shoes with tissue paper. Winter pumps, ankle booties, and loafers should be loosely packed with tissue paper to help maintain their shape.

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