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Being a 21-year resident of the DC area, and a self-proclaimed foodie, I am often asked, "Where should we go for dinner?" I am asked by locals and tourists alike. My list of places provided after each request depends on many variables--what's the occasion, who will be dining, do you have a price point in mind, something casual or more refined, and more? My questions are an attempt to understand what and where they'd like to eat, but also what kind of experience they seek. You see for me, dinner is more than food. It is time to relax, open your mind, talk with friends, and share.

In my recommendations, I often include a link to a recently published article about the places. Imagery of the food and its surroundings give people a "what it would be like" to dine here image. Bon Appetit has come out with one of those articles. It is a gallery really, of new, surprising, and delicious places to visit right now in DC. I've been to many and can agree they are terrific. There are also some new ones that are on "my must" try list.

Live here? Get out there and explore a new place. Planning your next DC visit? Make a reservation now. These will be hard to get into after this beautiful write up. Want your personalized list? Email me!

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