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What's Underground?

For years, the answer has been nothing. But that's all changed. The Dupont Underground is back open.

For decades, this former underground path originally created for streetcars, has been bored up and practically forgotten. Today, it is the site of RAISE/RAZE. The exhibit is not only interactive, but also recycled. The material used? Hundreds of thousands of white plastic balls re-gifted from last summer’s immensely popular “Beach” installation at the National Building Museum. And that exhibit is just the beginning. The mission of the organization is to revitalize the abandoned trolley station beneath Dupont Circle for presenting, producing, and promoting cutting-edge arts, architecture, design, and creative endeavors.

I visited the exhibit this week and it was surreal. Going down the stairs once covered over by metal sheets was exciting and a little eerie. Once completely underground, I could feel the abandonment, yet also feel the inspiration and hope for more excitement to come. It is unlike any other art space in DC and it is a welcome addition to our growing artistic community.

While RAISE/RAZE is only here through June 1, there are more exhibits in its future. To find out more, and to get involved, visit Dupont Underground's website.

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