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Stunning Victorian in Georgetown

It's one of the most beautiful Georgetown homes I've seen. Seriously.

When I previewed this row house a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love. For the most part, the house is neutral, yet there are these pops of uniqueness that give this place my vote for the most beautiful house on the market.

A black, high gloss dining room. I know, it sounds odd--it isn't. It is magnificent, grand, simple, and oh so elegant, yet approachable. An entirely blue room--yes, the shelves, moldings, everything. It's tranquil. Stars on the ceiling? Why not. What little girl, or big one for that matter, wouldn't love wishing on one of those every evening. And did you see the amazing pendant lights in every room.

I adore this amazing home and want someone special to buy it. Could that be you? Call or email me for a private showing.

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