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2017 Home Design Trends: Color

To kick off our home design trends posts, let’s start with COLOR.

The 2017 color of the year Greenery. Inspired by nature and very, very fresh. It brings to mind Spring, lemon grass, a run through the park, and a renewed spirit. It seems that is may be the perfect, happy choice for a year everyone was ready to welcome in.

Green can be a pleasant wall color to brighten up a room with little natural light, it is a wonderful accent to be used in pillows, and can also be added to your house by the use of beautiful plants. Don't think you've got to cover the house with it, find ways to incorporates bits of it in the rooms that could use some pops of color.

If Greenery is too much color for you, other, more neutral, colors are also emerging. Grey has been popular for a couple of years. And the next neutral to make it to the forefront is beige. Think of a that beautiful color of a weimaraner dog or milk chocolate. It isn't the brown of the 70s, but something rich, delicate, and smooth. Beige neutrals can use used with pops of color like blue, or used together to create a tone-on-tone effect.

Color is a great complement to other trends we will discuss including Textures and Playful Bedrooms. All of these color trends can create the perfect indoor environment that is as warm and inviting as an outdoor garden.

While keeping your home neutral when it is on the market is important, once you buy a new place, try adding color in fun, small places like bathrooms, pillows, and other accents. Once you get used to the change you might just paint an entire room!

No place to add Greenery in your current home? Let's talk about your new home needs. Call, email, or text me to get started. Can't wait? Start your search here.

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