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2017 Home Design Trends: Technology

For our third 2017 Home Design Trend, let’s talk technology. From docking stations to alarm systems to Smart Homes, technology is playing a big a role in making a house a home this year.

Alarm systems have been in homes for decades yet now, alarm systems are portable. Systems like SimpliSafe® and Nest Cams allow homeowners to purchase systems that move with them from house to house.

Always forgetting where you phone is? Built-in cubbies are showing up in new construction homes. These cubbies provide one central location for charging phones and connecting to in wall speakers.

With at home wifi, many people are finding less need for a home office as PCs are quickly being replaced with laptops and tablets. Homeowners can now work anyplace within their home—kitchen, couch, or even on their patio. “Docking stations” made out of a small equipment cabinet with a drop-down shelf or pull-out desk surface can help accomplish smaller at-home office tasks. Turning that once home office into a second, or third, bedroom can offer a lot of value when you put your house on the market

Smart Homes are growing in popularity. Smart Home Technology can simplify tasks, save you money, increase security, and help you feel more comfortable. Having a Smart Home means you have systems controlled remotely by a smartphone, tablet, computer, or by a separate automatic system within the home itself. Everything from front door locks to alarms to temperature controls and more can be part to your Smart Home.

The technology, and growing trend, is so important that my company, Coldwell Banker, is paving the way for its emergence and adoption. In fact, the newly released Smart Home Definition was jointly developed by Coldwell Banker and CNET--the leading online technology reviewer. Its importance is further enhanced with Coldwell Banker’s Smart Home Certification designation given to Coldwell Banker agents who’ve been through the proper Smart Home training. We even offer a Smart Home Staging Kit to our clients to get their home as up-to-date as possible before we list.

The complete kit includes:

  • Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm

  • Nest Cam Indoor security camera

  • August Smart Lock

  • August Connect

  • Lutron® Caséta® Wireless Lighting Starter Kit

And yes, I am Smart Home Certified.

Let's find your Smart Home! Begin your search here, and then let's chat about your favorites!

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