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2017 Home Design Trends: Textures

With so much contemporary, sleek, and smooth designs taking the forefront, one can forget the importance textures can make in a home. Even the most contemporary space can have a range of textures to add depth and interest.

Let’s start with something very tactile—Velvet. Consider adding the lush fabric on sofas, throw pillows, and even curtains for a warm and soft look. This isn’t the velvet from those roadside paintings, it's soft, luscious, rich in color, and a great fabric to add in the living room or bedroom.

Another place to add a texture is your bathroom vanity. Instead of reaching for pre-manufactured designs, homeowners are getting crafty by using chests of drawers, old file cabinets, and vintage consoles to make one-of-a-kind pieces. How about a bike used as the base of a pedestal sink?!

Another way to add texture to your bath is with black steel and glass doors. The result is an understated chic space that allows plenty of natural light to come through.

In the kitchen, think about mixing cabinet textures. White and wood are a great combination as are a colors like peacock, mint, and other blue hues.

Not enough texture in your current place? Start searching here for your new home and then call, text or email so we can discuss and tour your favorites.

*Bike sink photo compliments of DIY Networkmaisoninterior

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