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2017 Home Design Trends: Shedquarters

Move over man cave and make room for the Shedquarters. The term is used to refer to a small space or structure, outside the house, used for a home-office, an art studio, or a quiet getaway.

Spinning off of the tiny house movement, it is a trend I expect to see grow. While not relegated to the fairer sex, unlike a man cave, these spaces focus on multiple uses for anyone in the house. Think of this as a flexible space--one that you can telecommute in one day, paint in on a Saturday, or simply go to for that afternoon of reading. Make these spaces special with comfortable furniture, rugs, throws, a table for books or coffee, and other furnishings that make the space more cozy, yet functional.

While you might think these spaces would be more difficult to define in condos, if you add layers of comfort and usability to the design of your deck, patio, or balcony, or even a nook in your living room, you can make a Shedquarters even in the middle of the city.

Need a new home to design your shedquarters? Begin your search here and call, text or email me for a custom tour of your favorites.

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