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2017 Home Design Trends: Playful Bedrooms

If there is one place to have fun, it’s in the bedroom. Make it personal, comfortable, and a bit more exciting than the rest of your home.

Instead of table lamps, consider hanging pendant lights in the bedroom to create a dramatic and unexpected lighting option. This can work particularly well in small rooms where there is little space for nightstands (or where you want to use your nightstand space for something besides a lamp). To maximize lighting options, put all bedroom lighting on a dimmer switch.

In an earlier post, I discussed how layers of neutral can be a beautiful option for living rooms and kitchens. In the bedroom, let warm, vibrant or romantic colors rule. Colors like raspberry--a bluish red, charcoal, and even black are all perfect shades to entice Cupid to stick around all year long.

Texture can also make a big impact in your bedroom. That velvet we discussed in the textures post could make luxurious pillows or fabric choice for a chair or love seat in the bedroom. How about feathers? Used as the trim on a pillow they add movement and softness.

When you are ready to find the home for your playful bedroom, call, text or email me at anytime and start your search here:

Your bedroom is your space. A place to enjoy, have fun in, and relax in. Make it personal and playful.

*image from Apartment Therapy

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