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Relocate the Right Way


You've made the decision to move to the most exciting City. DC boasts amazing culture, people, food, arts, architecture, and more. It is a wonderful place to call home and I can't wait to welcome you here!

Finding the Right Home

Relocating requires a lot of preparation and planning. First, you'll need an amazing place to live. You can start your search on my site. Or better yet, let's set up a call to discuss you home needs. From that call, I can develop a custom home search for you. My search will pull directly from the MLS system and include important information, like condo fees, that other search sites may miss.

Personalized Service

One in three buyers make an offer sight-unseen. Many buyers need to purchase quickly and don't have time to travel to the city, or country, they are moving to. In these cases, the job of the real estate agent becomes even more important. For my buyers who need to make an offer, or purchase, sight-unseen, I provide white-glove service to include taking additional photos and a video tour of the home, attending the home inspection on my client's, and more to make sure they are confident in their home choice.

Getting Settled

Once you've found the right home, you will need to get everything set up. Here are some of the City's resources that can assist with your transition:

Getting Acclimated

You've found the right house. You've got your utilities set up. Now, let's get you acclimated. DC has so many wonderful opportunities to experience culture, great food, art, theater, education, shopping and many of them are free. Here are a few resources to help you get started on what to see and do first.

What Else?

How else can I be of assistance to your DC relocation? Please give me a call, text (202) 798-1288, or email to let me know how I can be of help!

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