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Time to Winterize!

That 20 degree temperature drop this past weekend is our wake up call that Winter is right around the corner. How should you prepare? I’ve got 5 easy ideas.

  1. Change your furnace filter. You should be doing this every 1-3 months. It becomes super important in the Winter so air flow isn’t restricted.

  2. Get a HVAC tune up. Most HVAC specialists will check your system twice a year if you purchase a maintenance plan. Many offer a discount on future work if you have one of those plans in place.

  3. Turn down the temperature on your hot water heater. OK, I’ll admit it, this one is hard for me. But the reality is if you move that dial from 140 to 120 it can reduce your water heating costs by 6 to 10 percent. It may also keep you from burning yourself!

  4. Stop the drafts. The Department of Energy says that drafts can waste 5 to 30 percent of your energy use. Use a draft snake or rolled up towel under drafty doors.

  5. Get a smart thermostat or at least a programmable one. It can be hard to forget to turn down the thermostat every day when you leave for work, so let this little appliance do it for you. Also consider turning down the thermostat below 70 at night. Research shows we sleep better in a cold room so you’ll be helping your sleep patterns as well as your wallet!

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