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Filming for YouTube | Resources I Use to Film

So many people have asked me how I film for my YouTube Channel. My recent interview with the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing drew others to ask me how I get the filming accomplished right from my home or office.

Setting set up to film for YouTube and other social media platforms can seem overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to be. I don't use an expensive camera or a professional crew for most of my videos. I film in my home or office with a few products that I leave in place and simply turn on when it is time to record.

So via this blog post, I share the resources I use to set up my YouTube Studio. Do you need all of this? Absolutely not. If you watch my videos the image below is when I had a dedicated studio. At the moment, I film right at my desk and use natural light. The most important items are something to hold your phone and a great mic. If you are recording on your computer then you don't even need a tripod to hold your cell phone.

The products I use are below with a small description of what they are and how they are used. Each listing links to Amazon so you can purchase easily without having to search for them. Disclaimer: Some of these links may be affiliate links where I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


A gimbal is a stabilizer so your videos don't shake. The gimbal holds your cell phone steady. I remove my iPhone case prior to placing it in the gimbal. This gimbal is also great for filming on set, in a house or while walking down the street for neighborhood tours. It keep the video footage nice and stable.



To hold your gimbal you need a simple tripod. THere are more expensive models, but this one does the trick. It comes with a carrying bag if you are storing or taking to a location. Easy to open and close up with finished if you don't want to leave in place.


This cold shoe extension bar is placed on top of my tripod and holds the gimbal on one side and the receiver for my Mic (see below) on the other. A cold shoe is basically a holder to place more than one thing on your tripod at a time.



Lighting is very important. Ring lights are prevalent, but they don't always provide the nicest light and you can see the bulbs in your glasses. This soft box light this is easy to put together and provides beautiful tunable light. No more Ring light harshness or reflection in your glasses.


Wireless Mic

I use this mic on my lapel and place the receiver on the other side of the cold show to connect it to the iPhone. You can insert a lav mic to it or just use the mic as is. The display makes it simple to see when it is time to recharge.



This connects my mic receiver to the iPhone. It's as simple as that. You likely need an adaptor to make that connection so that is plugs in correctly.



I've used these lights to brighten up and accent my set. Great sitting on a bookshelf or you can attach them with velcro stripe. I use them behind objects to create interesting light and dimension to the set. They are easy to turn on and off and also set the brightness via the small remote. You can also use these in a listing that needs some brightness--think in closets or under cabinets or shelves.



A fun way to change up your set by changing the color of this bulb and shining it on a blank wall. You can change to purple, blue, green anything really. Neat way to change it up as you film or set a background without using paint. See below for the gooseneck lamp I use these in. The gooseneck allows you to move the bulb around in various directions.


Goose Neck Lamps used with Kasa Bulb: LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

I use this lamp with the bulb above and hid it behind shelving. The gooseneck allows you to move the bulb around in various directions.



Need more light than just the soft box light perhaps to highlight one side of the set? This tunable light is easy to use and easy to adjust.

The light sits on a tripod so you can adjust the height to the exact place needed. Here is that link again.

This is the power cord you will need for the light.


Post It Notes

Need a place to put your script notes? These are great to place reminders or script bullet points around the studio. They are large and stick straight to the wall and peel off with ease.


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