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How to Appeal your DC Property Tax Assessment/Bill

With the announcement of your new property tax assessment, you may have the ability to lower your tax bill by appealing your DC Property Tax Assessment and Bill.

In this article, let's talk about those who have recently purchased a renovated condominium or newly constructed home in the District of Columbia over the past 12 months. 


The opportunity to lower property taxes arises as a result of the following:


  1. Before a project begins, builders/developers are required to provide to the District an estimate market value for a renovation or newly constructed home. The value shared by the builder becomes basis for the home’s tax assessment.   

  2. Often, the builder assessment is greater than the actual sales price for a given home.

  3. You can appeal your assessment and potentially have your taxes lowered if your actual purchase price is less than the tax assessment.


The deadline to file this appeal is April 1st, so you will want to submit an appeal prior to that date.


Below are the five steps to take to appeal your tax assessment.


  1. Click “search real property by address”

  2. Enter street address

  3. Click the “Applications and Actions” Tab

  4. Click “Submit a First Level Administrative Review Application”



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