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Selling Your Home: The Secret Language You Need

Selling your home? There are a lot of new terms and acronyms you will hear and need to understand. In this three part series, I explain the most common terms that you as a seller will hear.

Secret Language of Selling: Part 1 | Prepping for Market

Video 1 will explains terms related to getting your home ready for market, Video 2 explain terms you will hear as you are on the market, and Video 3 will explain the secret language you will learn as as you are under contract. All of these are important to understand as you sell your house.


Secret Language of Selling: Pt 2 | On Market

What are the terms you need to know while you are on the market to sell your home? That's what this video in my series the Secret Language of Real Estate is all about!


Secret Language of Selling: Pt 3 | Being Under Contract

During this video, video 3, I walk you through the terms you will hear when you are under contract to sell your house.


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