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Sunday Suppers: Butternut Squash Strata

Sunday Suppers: Butternut Squash Strata

Growing up in the South, a Strata is a basic food group. Typically they are focused on eggs, sausage and cheese. Some use bacon instead of sausage, but I've always been a fan of those using sausage. They are yummy, comforting, easy to prepare, and a crowd pleaser.

I was at Wegmans yesterday and bought some precut butternut squash thinking I'd just simply roast it. But as I scrolled my TV channels on Sunday, I landed on one of my fav cooking shows, Mary Makes it Easy. She is fun to watch and always presents things that are simple to make. It was as if she read my mind or my grocery cart, as on today's show, she was making this Butternut Squash Strata. So, I switched gears.

I had almost everything I needed. Missing a few things, I walked to Streets Market as I just wasn't in the mood to jump in the car. Streets for the win---they had all of the missing ingredients.

I substituted a French baguette for the sourdough and a sharp white cheddar for the smoked one.

It's as yummy and comforting as the original I've always made. A little more dinner-like, which is nice for an early Sunday Supper.

If you make it, let me know what you think.


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