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The Global Luxury Real Estate Outlook

Are the affluent in Paris or Buenos Aires motivated by forces similar to those happening in New York or Los Angeles, or different ones? Cultural differences, as well as a country’s local economic picture, COVID-19 rates and travel restrictions have all shaped the real estate landscape in global cities outside of the United States to varying degrees. In this video, I'll discuss how wealth, living patterns, and homeownership trends are influencing destinations beyond the U.S. In this video and the others in this playlist, I address the luxury real estate market. What happened, what are the predictions, who is the luxury buyer, what does a luxury buyer need and want, what does a luxury home look like? Join me as we explore the Luxury Real Estate Market. Data and research provided by The Report, by Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, which you can download below.

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The Report: Luxury Market Insights. Interested in learning more about the Luxury Real Estate Market? Developed in partnership with Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, The Report is a comprehensive look at the Luxury Market. Download it here:

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 The Global Luxury Outlook

0:56 Trends Affecting Global Luxury Real Estate

1:38 Cultural, Covid, What Else?

2:01 New Home Priorities

2:18 Stabilization of Priorities

2:54 Priority of Place

3:08 Space, Nature and Wellness

5:02 Multiple Homeownership

6:03 New is Nice

8:41 Wealth Growth

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