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Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

As we start a new year, it is a great time to think about how to spruce up your home. Last year, I wrote about overall design trends and this year I thought I'd focus on kitchens. I get asked a lot by buyers and investors a lot, what should I do in the kitchen to have the best resale value. Houzz recently conducted a survey and the results might give you some great insights.

1. Time to Declutter. Let's clean off those countertops! While always a good idea when putting your home on the market, homeowners are also looking to live with a clean, clutter-free surface.

2. Goodbye Granite. Well, not totally. While granite is still a top choice in rural areas, quartz is seeing a major rise in popularity in urban and suburban areas.

3. Shape your Style. The L shape is becoming more popular as is transitional, contemporary, and farmhouse feels. Call it the "Chip & Joanna" effect.

4. Tech all the way. Technology is making a major appearance in homes in general. From Nest thermostats, to Alexa and Google home, being wired is increasingly popular. As tech makes its way into kitchens, you'll find wireless or voice controls, wireless speakers, and refrigerators that automatically reorder your favorite groceries.


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