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The Tiny House on C

Some listings are just special. Some have unique layouts, a cool history, great design choices or something else rare that makes it stand out. The tiny house on C is one of those listings.

Built around the turn of the century, 1345 C St NE is one the last 5 remaining tiny homes designed by famed Capitol Hill architect Charles Gessford. Gessford is known for his beautiful Victorian row homes, but he also built a series of one story, one bedroom row homes for workforce housing. Who said the tiny house movement just started? They were wrong. These tiny homes are adorable, historical, and as I learned this week highly sought after.

This is how fast it went under contract: Listing agreement signed Sunday, photoshoot Tuesday, on the market as Coming Soon Wednesday night, live and available for showings at 12:30pm on Thursday, multiple offers by noon on Friday. And ratified that day. Whew. I could have sold 10 of those houses in two days, if only I had 10 of them to sell.

Listing to finish rarely happens that fast. Timing was key. Booking a photographer on Monday for a Tuesday noon photoshoot rarely happens, but this time it just all fell into place.

The uniqueness of the home drew the attention of Urban Turf who immediately published it as one of the best listings of the week.

So let's have a look at that tiny house on C. It's adorable.

One story, one bedroom, and just 407 square feet. But, it has a front yard and back terrace, and parking!

A glass front door, window, and 11 ft ceilings with a huge skylight make the living room feel much larger. Recessed nooks at the front create a great place to hang your coat and place your umbrella.

Ceiling height cabinetry is key in a small space. Every inch is important. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops--all of the modern conveniences including a dishwasher. What you can't see in this photo is a tankless water heater hiding in the cabinet above the fridge. A great space saver!

A nice sized bedroom with room for nightstands, a dresser or tall chest, a good sized closet and glass doors leading to the fenced-in private terrace.

Perhaps my favorite part of the property--the back terrace. Twinkle lights are strung in the sky and it is deceivingly big. While we staged it with a cafe table, but I'd put an outdoor sofa here and a big umbrella and never leave!

It's such a special place, and well on its way to a new owner. If you'd like to take a full virtual tour of the property, you can watch my tour video below.

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